The Rector Family Table : A Poem

In March the dining room table we  were using broke. My dad fixed it but Roy and I decided it was time to buy a new one.  We then realized that we had not purchased a new table since 1982!  We purchased that table right before our 3rd child Adam was born and it lasted us many, … [Read more...]

Our 1st Home in 37 Years of Marriage!

No kidding. Roy and I have been married 37 years, as of September 2014, and we just made our first official home purchase. Most people who have known us through the years know that we have had an odd/strange/unusual life together. We try to live from the heart... or the gut as it … [Read more...]

Summer Time Update!

Just a quick update as to what we're up to! If you recall Roy and I started a new site to blog about all kinds of fun things that we're into. That's where I do all my blogging now. It's been quite a success so far! Here's a few pics from over there. What's been going on at our … [Read more...]