“Old Pastor Dave” a Song by Charles Miller & Adam Rector

My dad Chuck Miller has written poems for many years. He wrote one entitled “Old Pastor Dave” in February of 2000 but just recently posted it on his Facebook. His grandson Adam saw it and decided it would make a great song. So here it is below. You can listen to it below.

BLANK 800 x 75

Adam, Grandpa Miller, Amy & Jennifer (top) 1990
LEFT: Adam, Grandpa Miller, Amy & Jennifer 1990     RIGHT Adam 2013


By Chuck Miller
Music By Adam Rector

We went to church that Sunday, and like every week before
The preacher stood a’ waiting at the chapel door
He nodded and he shook our hand as we came trooping in
And always on his face he wore that loving, caring grin.
Week after week, year after year we were greeted with that smile
We young ones always chuckled and snickered for a while
The old folks looked real serious and told us to behave
They said we shouldn’t make fun of good old Pastor Dave
Even as he raved and preached about the depths of hell
On we kids it had no effect, at least none you could tell
So each week, up in front of us he did rant and rave
Of how he wanted, really bad, our lost souls to save.
We all liked this preacher even though we scoffed and jeered
We listened to him even though we thought him somewhat weird
We didn’t understand just what it was he said
Somehow we couldn’t get it through our young and playful heads.
He’s been gone for many years but the words he said rings clear
Though we youngsters all grew up, a straight course we did steer
We credit what we have become to that man, grey and old
Who stood before us every week, indeed, he saved our souls
I’m sure that when we finally get on to the other side
There’ll be someone to greet us, someone who really tried
To guide us in the ways that we should travel all the while
He’ll be right there to greet us with that loving, caring smile.



  1. Netty Verburg says

    Adam was so right. The poem became a great song! Perhaps there are more poems from his grandpa that could become great songs 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I love it.