A Greenhouse Dome for Grandpa

Roy designed and helped my dad build a greenhouse dome in his back yard so he can grow veggies year round.  This last week they made the first trip for mulch. He planted some radish seeds and in two days they had sprouted. … [Read more...]

Family Update July 2015

It's been a busy month for all of our family! Just to catch up Jennifer and her husband Nick and son Ashton live in Arizona and  so does Adam. Charles lives in California and Amy just moved back to Arkansas near us. My parents live two minutes away from us. All the kids … [Read more...]

Grandma Got Run Over By a Shopping Cart

So my dad calls me on Saturday afternoon and says: "I'm out in the shed so mom won't hear me. She had something happen at the store today and I wrote a poem about it. I'll email it over and you can input it to music and sing it as a surprise tomorrow at dinner. Tweak it however … [Read more...]

Roy Stages an Alien Invasion

Also posted at our site Our Peaceful Planet   So I leave my husband alone for a day, and what happens? Aliens invade. I realize that begs a bit more of an explanation. I'd been married for 31 years at the time. I was away for the weekend and Roy and our 25 year old daughter Amy … [Read more...]