Holiday Wishes from the Rector/Rivers Family!

We recorded one of our favorite Christmas songs to share with our family and friends.
Everyone took part and all the photos were taking by Amy or Nancy and on our property.
(There is a video and also just the song file alone below it)

Here’s wishing you all a most wonderful Christmas!


“BLESS US ALL” By the Rector Family






Arrangement: Amy Rector
Piano and Vocals: Adam Rector
All Photos: Amy and Nancy Rector
Guitar and Vocals: Roy Rivers
Vocals: Amy Rector
Vocals: Alyssa Rector, Age 6
Vocals: Nancy Rector
Video Compilation: Nancy Rector
Mixing: Adam, Roy and Amy Rector


  1. Glorya says

    Oh what a thrill this was to watch your “production” on Christmas Eve. We remember taking pictures w/ you guys at Garvin Gardens where Roy stood under the waterfall. Ah, beautiful memories, I love to relive them.

    Merry Christmas! Jimmy and Glorya

  2. says

    Thanks Glorya! I’m so happy you follow our family blog. 🙂 As I was looking for photos for the video for some reason those ones of Roy in the waterfall seemed like a good pick. And I saw the ones of us together at the gardens. We sure miss you guys! Give Jimmy a big hug for us and I hope all have a phenomenal Christmas!