Christmas Snow!

We have THE BEST kind of snow of all!  Christmas Day snow!   We lived in Utah for many years so know what its like to have months of snow. Its something we don’t miss in the least accept on one day… Christmas. Snow in Arkansas is unusual and typically melts immediately. Yesterday it started snowing mid-day.  This morning when we woke it was clear, bright and sunny with about 6 inches covering everything. Its gorgeous. Roy went outside when he got up and took all the photos you see except for the last two which I took of the wooded area behind our house early this morning and of my folks and Roy and Adam outside.

My parents Chuck & Arlene Miller came out for Christmas day and by the time they got back home their power was out along with more than 5000 residents in our county. It was still out the next day so they came back to our house to get warm.  As Arkansas is not used to this type of weather it creates many issues for the residents who are not used to driving in snow period. Not to mention none of us have any equipment or clothing for snow. The stores don’t sell any either!  It took some creativity to get our car driveway clear. i.e. dustpan, regular shovels and a long board. (All photos taken December 26, 2012)

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