Charles New York Pics

Charles spent Christmas in New York visiting friends. He went on tours and saw some of the sights. The picture link below shows photos he took while he was there. These are all of the city itself but I was impressed how beautiful they were as he took them from his iPhone!

These are my family scrapbook pages I created of his trip. I also added in screenshots of his Twitter posts while he was there as that made it more personal.  He gave me descriptions for each photo which I have placed under them.  CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW to view the pages. FYI: these pages are BIG. You’ll probably have to scroll to view them all unless you have a huge monitor. 😛

Charles Photos


  1. Monika Persé says

    Fantastic pics ! We had been in NY in 1994 and made a guided tour, too. We stayed there for short two days or better: one night.
    I just can recommand to make such tours in big Cities. So you can get a good overview, what is difficult, if you try it by yourself.
    I remember that inter alia we were standing in front of the Twin Towers. Normally we climb on every high tower. But this time we said, that we will do it next time we will come to NY. But we hadn’t been there again till today, and the Towers are gone.
    So I say with the old German saying: don’t move something until tomorrow what you can do today.
    Please say ‘thank you’ to Charles, that he shares these great picturess with us.