Where Nancy Gets Her Laugh

Nancy and her Cousin Lori Lynn
Nancy and Cousin Lori Lynn
Nancy and Her Aunt Flo
Nancy and Aunt Flo

My Aunt Flo (Short for Florella) came to visit  two days ago. Her son, my cousin Jeff, brought her out for a day to see her sister, my mom.  They are very close but hadn’t seen each other for over 15 years. I personally had not seen my Aunt Flo for over 45 years, though I did get to see Jeff in the 90’s when he came through Utah while we were living there. Roy actually saw him in 2010 as he went to see Roy when he performed at Red Rocks in Colorado where Jeff   lives.  I didn’t go to that particular show.

My parents both come from huge families but we moved when I was about two and so I never got to be around them other than a handful of family reunions we attended I was very young. I was close with Aunt Flo’s daughter Lori Lynn.  The last time I was there was as a young teen. Lori has since passed away and needless to say Jeff and Aunt Flo’s visit was very bittersweet for me.

My Aunt Flo is where I get my laugh from. She is a small woman, now 85 years old, who’s mirth far outweighs her size and she’s a sheer joy to be around. My mom and her are like kids again when they get together and Roy and I had the best time listening to her and my mom and my dad tell stories from their youth growing up in Pennsylvania. Ends up they were kinda ornery. My cousin Jeff is also a hoot so between all of us we spent most of the time laughing.  Roy had never met my Aunt Flo and as we drove home from my parents house he stated that she has “a vibrant life force.”  Very well said.

Below are a few photos of the visit along with some video highlighting the laughter thing.



My mom and Aunt Flo

Family Group

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  1. Monika Persé says

    You know what, Nancy? All of you are such a wonderful family!
    It’s always a great pleasure for me to be able to take now and then a little glimpse of your Familylife.
    Thank you for that.