The Rector’s Get Their “Ghoul” On!


I’ve realized that I’ve been posting photos on Facebook so regularly that I’ve neglected the family blog. I’m going to try and do better. Our entire family had fun on Halloween… Roy and Adam and I here in Arkansas, Jennifer, Nick, Ashton, Amy and Alyssa in Arizona and Charles in California. Below are photos of everyone and a short video of Adam and Roy below that.


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Roy and Adam playing outside our house. While waiting for Adam to get off a call Roy got a little silly then Adam joined in.


  1. Monika Perse says

    Thanks for sharing ! I love it ! I wish, I could have been there ! Your laughing, Nancy, is so contagious!
    I was sitting here – 6 am, quite allone, Mac just left for office – and I have broken laughed.
    Your family is so fantastic !