The Joy of Words

Alyssa Mae Dec 2011
Alyssa Mae   Dec 2011

Alyssa started kindergarten this year and has literally relished it. She especially loves the association which I have to admit causes a few issues in class as she takes after her papa Roy and wants to talk to everyone.  However, she has been especially captivated with the alphabet and spelling.  She can’t seem to get enough of it. From the very first few letters that formed small words she asked us constantly how to spell things while she wrote them down with her new found ability to use alphabet. And I do mean constantly, to where more than a few times  Nana says with a grin “Hey… how about you go ask Papa to spell some things for you now!”  Papers and notes with words on them could be found scattered all over the house. She also loves reading any words she finds anywhere that are within her ability… on videos, food labels, quotes I have hanging on our walls…  she’ll say “that spells ‘the’ “,  “that spells ‘love'”, or one of my favorites a few weeks back when she saw the word “no” and said “that spells ‘on’ backwards!”

All of a sudden, about 10 days ago, she started sounding things out and spelling them herself as best she could, handing us notes throughout the day which sometimes required a little deciphering but were pretty impressive none the less for a 6 year old.  This morning I got up before everyone else as is typical for me and walked into my office to find the following on my monitor. I translated a few of them.

Post-Its For Nana

I couldn’t think of a better way to start my day if I tried.