Nancy’s Ode to Fall

I always look forward to Autumn for a variety of reasons, one of which it means the hot, humid summer is coming to an end. Growing up in Arizona’s dry heat I still have not gotten used to humidity. We had a couple of days where the weather finally cooled off and I was giddy with excitement for the temperature change.  However, for what I can only assume is some sort of twisted season sense of humor,  it didn’t last long which is what prompted this little poem.  Despite Autumn playing hide and seek with me,  I’ve changed some of my home decor  for when it finally decides to quite messing around.

Ode To Fall

by Nancy Rector
Summer months doth pass me by.
A sweltry heat pours from the sky.
I long for seasons change to be,
When sweat no longer covers me.

A few short days the wind blows cool!
Alas… you played me for a fool.
The heat returns, my pores do flow.
Oh Fall, why do you tease me so?


My fall decor




  1. Monika Perse says

    I love it !
    I can understand your longing to the dry Arizonan heat.
    I am not born there, but I miss it so much.
    Here in Germany fall comes very early and with a lot of humidity.
    So all my bones tell me every day that they are still there :-))
    In Arizona I have no problem with them !!!
    But that is only one part of longing to Arizona.
    I miss the hikes in the dessert and the canyons, and – and – and …
    Thanks for sharing your positive thoughts.,