June 365 Photo Collage

 Its the 6th Month Anniversary of my Project!

June 365 Photo Collage

(For all my photos in larger format along with descriptions underneath each one you can view my Flickr account here.)


1. 153. T-shirts I had printed for Roy and I with his artwork., 2. 154. Crystals Roy dug up today at the crystal mines., 3. 155. So my husband comes home today with a glitter tattoo. I kid you not. :-p., 4. 156. Shaun the Sheep hangs from my HDTV screen. http://tinyurl.com/7thyfpg, 5. 157. Finally got local spring water in our dispenser. A crystal sits on top holding the sign for added energy., 6. 158. Roy taking off for Colorado for some gigs., 7. 159. Our kitchen grocery list center including my cow head pencil holder., 8. 160. I applied a 40’s vintage effect to a contemporary scene: a six year old on an iPad., 9. 161. View from my treadmill., 10. 162. Roy on Adam’s motorcycle this morning., 11. 163. 6 years old and already getting serenaded., 12. 164. Unique jewelry tree I found., 13. 165. Adam got his motorcycle license & can officially drive now!, 14. 166. I bought an ArtBin┬« for my art journal supplies., 15. 167. Flower hat tree man., 16. 168. Amy and Lyssa off today to visit sister Jennifer in Arizona., 17. 169. Sunrise out my office window., 18. 170. My twine dispenser/cutter., 19. 171. Roy wore his “Lord of the Strings” t-shirt today, a gift from friends Art and Starr., 20. 172. Roy this morning., 21. 173. On my hutch. Nuff said., 22. 174. My dinner. Just cuz it was colorful., 23. 175. Small & colorful ready to assemble boxes for organizing some of my office supplies., 24. 176. One way I satiate my sweettooth: gooey Tahini Treat. Made w/tahini, honey, sea salt, raw sunflower seeds & oats., 25. 177. Spent the day writing so its food again for my 365 pic. Veggie burger & homemade baked beans., 26. 178. Working on my new children’s book storyboard., 27. 179. Roy picked the room Amy had used downstairs for his office. Now he needs the time to organize & fix it up!, 28. 180. Yep… You guessed it… more food! My dinner. “Creamy Tomato Soup” (with no dairy)., 29. 181. Back of house. To right window is my office, bottom right window is Roy’s., 30. 182. My little iPod spends a lot of time in it’s sock holder since I got my iPhone. Poor little fella.

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