Communication Methods

We have some creative communication that goes on around here.




The  note on the left was waiting one morning on the edge of the divider wall as we walk out our bedroom door.
The note on the right was waiting on my computer screen for me one morning.

Morning Notes



I’m sitting in my office upstairs one day and suddenly my wireless printer starts printing. Ends up Roy was testing it out from his studio on the 1st floor.

Printer Talking





We have an active facebook and twitter life. Some of the posts are interesting. These are tweet screen shots.



Here is the text of several tweets. Charles posted his first, then my dad posted a reply. I saw them and made a final post. All in rhyme form of course. 🙂

Tweet Conversation – Monday April 12, 2010

Moisture, moisture, falling hard.
Should I go? Would you, Picard?
I am here and Starbucks yon.
Oatmeal cookie siren song!

CHUCK MILER (Charles Grandpa):
Go ahead, trod in the rain.
It won’t cause you any pain.
‘Specially when you realize 
[a] Starbucks [cookie] is the prize.

Yes, it was. Yes, it is.
I braved the Californy drizz.
Ate that cookie with a BOOSH!
Now it’s time to grab some sush’.

NANCY (Charles Mom and Chuck Miller’s Daughter:
Grandpa unites with his heir.
Amidst their tweets a poets flair.
Age and place, they have no hold,
When twitter brings them in its fold.