April 365 Collage

Another month down in my 365 project! You’ll notice a few sad faces… those days no photo was taken. I was doing some major detoxing this month as I worked to further my health. So I was feeling pretty dang ill spending many days in bed. I figured I could either take  a photo of my bedroom ceiling on those days or the sad face. I opted for the faces.  <grin>


(For all my photos in larger format along with descriptions underneath each one you can view my Flickr account here.)

1. 92. Made Lyssa her own office including these custom forms, letterhead & stamps., 2. 93. Mailbox I made for Lyssa., 3. 94. Finally got the mat in for our large family photo above the mantle., 4. 95. Out my office window. There was only bare branches last month., 5. 96. Forgot todays photo. Bad Nancy., 6. 97. Lyssa playing with Photo Booth on the Mac., 7. 98. Finally getting the bedroom painted today! Roy sanding walls., 8. 99. Me taking a photo of Roy taking a photo of Lyssa gathering eggs., 9. 100. My dad made Lyssa this step stool as she was dragging a chair around to reach things., 10. 101. This “garden” gnome lives in my library., 11. 102. Kitty in window sill., 12. 103. Screenshots of my World if Warcraft main from the iPhone Armory app. Fun app!, 13. 104. This art will be hanging with others in my bedroom. Amy says the face looks like me. I kinda see it., 14. 105. Roy putting up my bedroom tree., 15. 106. Ill today. No pic., 16. 107. Not really a “fortune” but still good advice., 17. 108. To sick for a pic., 18. 109. Found this unique wall hook. 4″ wing span., 19. 110. Slowly getting bedroom done. “Dwell in possibility” arrangement over bed., 20. 111. One of Roy’s rituals in getting ready for a show. Leaves for TX gig this afternoon., 21. 112. I got Lyss this book and dragon to add to our mythological menagerie., 22. 113. Roy and my dad repairing our screen door after dinner., 23. 114. Under the weather lately spending lots of time doing this… Surfing Netflix., 24. 115. Unwell., 25. 116. Amy made sure this was used in the kitchen decorating. Its one of her favorites., 26. 117. Taken off my TV screen. I love these creatures from the 80’s monster flicks., 27. 118. Amy orders these from California to make her healthy drinks with. I eat them for snacks, 28. 119. Amy just had her 1971 VW van delivered. She’s my retro kid. 🙂, 29. 120. Added 3D paper butterflies around a framed poem., 30. 121. “Batgirl” Lyssa hanging out with me on my bed & thoroughly enjoying a TV show.