55 Years and Going Strong!

Nancy's Parents Charles and Arlene Miller Married 55 Years

My parents have been married for 55 years as of the 18th of this month. Quite a feat now-a-days! We celebrated their anniversary when they came over yesterday for our weekly family sit down dinner. (Remember when those were a daily thing in life? And a hearty congrats to any of you who still have them.) We had everyone here except Charles and Jennifer of course who live in different states. And they are as always missed from the group. It was however Jennifer’s birthday yesterday so we all gathered around Roy’s iPhone and sang Happy Birthday to her in traditional Rector style with Roy’s special ending. (35 years of this folks… no kidding.)

We tease my m0m about marrying a younger man because… well she did. My dad was 7 years younger than her. Didn’t seem to phase their wedded longevity however. Anyway they’ve been a great mom and dad and I just wanted to wish them a very Happy Anniversary and I for one am very glad they decided to get hitched back in 1956. It certainly has worked out pretty well for me. 😛



I made them a special JibJab anniversary video which I gotta say is a  fun watch.

JibJab Anniversary Song Lyrics

Every since the day you wed
Cupid slept upon your bed
The chorus sings most joyfully
Happy anniversary!

Married blisses, hugs and kisses
Matrimonies not for wimps
But its proof which demonstrates
That we’ve evolved beyond the chimps

Love keeps on growing with each Waking breaaatthhh!

As the years are passing by
With the apple of your eye
Take heart that you’ve beat the odds

You haven’t switched

Your still hitched

To the crypt….

Happy Anniversary!