Roy & Nancy’s New Site : We’re Going Legit!

“It was literally one of those out of the blue epiphanies/insights one gets on rare occasions.”

Roy and I purchased an awesome domain name on April 1st 2006. We did so because we wanted to create an online place where we could share our life, ideas, and otherwise nifty stuff in an official capacity. Back then we mapped out everything we wanted to do on our new web  home but for whatever reasons the timing was not right so its been on hold and I’ve done my blogging and writing on our family site in a more laid back manner. This month, exactly 8 years later,  I knew the time was right. It was literally one of those out of the blue epiphanies/insights one gets on rare Subscribe Here www.ourpeacefulplanet.comoccasions.   Most of the new posts go there unless they are personal things that I don’t feel would fit and then I’ll post them here.

This new site will still be ALL US and will continue to have our personal stories and experiences along with being full of ideas, photos, tutorials, organization and decorating, wellness, green living info (including of course domes), music, free downloads and of course all my awesome family recipes!  It will also be a place where we promote our families talents and such as new books we write. It’s pretty much a fun catch all site with something for everyone that will hopefully inspire those who step into its virtual door.

Please subscribe there so that when a new post is written that you’ll get an auto email letting you know! If there are any topics you’d like to hear about… just say so!  Thank you so much for your friendship and being part of our lives. [br] [br] [br]

welcome to our new home

We have a Facebook Page and Twitter Account for our new site where we’ll be posting all kinds of cool stuff!
Nancy will also continue her Facebooking at the link below. Ü

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