July 365 Photo Collage

7th Month Collage

Nancy's 365 Photo Project - July 2012

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1. 183. Roy’s authentic 1968 “Another Mother For Peace “pendant I bought him on eBay a few years back., 2. 184. The vegetable portion of Roy and my daily Green Drink. (1 drinks worth shown), 3. 185. The front entry page sketch I did for my art/inspiration journal., 4. 186. My largest crystal sits on my mantle., 5. 187. My newest obsession Healthy, delicious vegan cookie dough., 6. 188. While cleaning I came across this heart shaped rock Lyssa had found & drew hearts on. Feeling happy & sad., 7. 189. a. Boxes. b. Adhesive biz card pouches. c. Printable biz cards. RESULT: Easy to relabel boxes for organizing., 8. 190. Had some cheesecake for Adam today as he had to work on his birthday., 9. 191. Always thought paperweights were silly. Now I use them all the time on my desk as I always have a fan going., 10. 192. I’ve been drawn to lighthouse scenes lately. Found one that has the “feel” I like., 11. 193. Yet another new interest of mine Got this today from Amazon. You can find great 2nd hand books there. $6, 12. 194. What I resort to when net is down, like this morning: iPad on 3G network with wireless keyboard attached., 13. 195. Found the bottom right quote on Pinterest. Loved it so I made my own with an ornate font to hang up., 14. 196. Love this shop. Top image was what I ordered, bottom was free gifts she always sends. http://tinyurl.com/726osr3, 15. 197. This cool little guy was on the front of our house a bit earlier., 16. 198. Looking up from my driveway a few minutes ago I applied a single filter using iPhone app Simply HDR., 17. 199. Cleaning out my old software box and moving it’s contents to the new box on the left., 18. 200. My recent personal workbooks purchases. (Also my new book thong in the bottom one.), 19. 201. One of Roy’s Red Rocks awards., 20. 202. Backseat of the car as Roy’s takes off this morning for his Illinois show this weekend., 21. 203. Just noticed my barcode scanner used to enter books in my database looks like something from the USS Enterprise., 22. 204. Odd things in a basket on a shelf in my office. Need to put them somewhere just not sure where., 23. 205. Roy emptied car from his Illinois show late last night. These were lined up by our bedroom door this morning., 24. 206. Sampled some of this gals Heat Up Peanut Brittle w/ cayenne. It’s dang good! http://tinyurl.com/ck89zdh, 25. 207. A fan made this beautiful guitar strap for Roy a couple years back., 26. 208. Roy got a new shipment of his CDs in today. This is one box of six., 27. 209. Not sure why, but I love stuff like this. Doodads to hold my doodads. (Flash drive pouch.), 28. 210. Supposedly the worlds smallest wireless USB dongle (far right). I’ll have to take their word. Definitely tiny., 29. 211. I’ve always loved vines. Here’s some on a tree in our backyard., 30. 212. Printing, laminating and cutting out quotations today for a little decorating project I’m doing., 31. 213. What I was doing when I remembered I needed to do 365 photo for today. Reading new Shel Silverstein book.