Grandma Got Run Over By a Shopping Cart

So my dad calls me on Saturday afternoon and says:

“I’m out in the shed so mom won’t hear me. She had something happen at the store today and I wrote a poem about it. I’ll email it over and you can input it to music and sing it as a surprise tomorrow at dinner. Tweak it however you need to make it work. “

Roy, My Mom and Dad and daughter Jennifer.

I’m like “Cool!” (Yes this is typical for our family.) So he sends it over and I rework it a bit to fit a tune I thought was perfect.

We got to my folks house the next day for our weekly Sunday dinner together. My mom tells us the story of what happened to her while we’re eating and we pretend like its the first time we’re hearing about it.

After dinner I tell my mom that Roy brought his guitar over so we could all sing some gospel songs… which she loves to do. He gets it out and I say “You know what… that story you told us reminds me of a song.” Roy starts playing and we start singing. Our daughter Jennifer was visiting and video taped the whole thing.

My moms reaction while hearing her song for the first time.

By Chuck Miller and Nancy Rector (Key A)
Tune: Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer

Grandma got run over by a shopping cart
In line at the grocery store today.
Good thing Chuck was standing there to grab her.
Or things might have turned out another way.

Some old woman was the perpetrator.
Driving an electric shopping cart.
Backed the bugger right up into grandma.
While standing at her local shopping mart.

A chewing gum rack helped ol’ Chuck to grab her.
As the old gal tried to knock her off her feet.
Who’d have thought that it could be so risky.
Trying to shop and buy some food to eat.

Luckily grandma is one tough cookie.
She only came out with a minor scar.
But it just shows you have to be real cautious.
No matter where in this old world you are.


My mom and dad were in line to check out at the grocery story and there was an older lady in front of them in one of those motorized shopping carts. When she was done she backed up right into my mom knocking her off her feet. She hit the gum rack and scratched her arm pretty good and my dad caught her or else she’d have ended up on the floor. The lady apologized and said she didn’t realize anyone was behind her. blank1

And yes we did sing gospel songs afterwards. This is just a 30 second clip of one of them. blank1