44 Year Old Christmas Elf

Kris Kringle - 44 year old elf

I’ve had this little guy for many, many  years. My parents gave him to me for Christmas when I was a child. The first photo I can find with him in it is 1967.  So he’s at least 44 years old.  He has held a place in our Christmas decorating ever since. He perches in our tree every year reminding me of my childhood Christmases, some of the most magical memories I have thanks to my parents who helped make it so, even purchasing a fake fireplace to add to the Christmas spirit. (We lived in Arizona so fireplaces were uncommon.) I love the season as much now as a 53 year as I did in 1967 as a 9 year old. No matter what time of year I happen to hear a clip of Christmas music it goes right through me and instantly takes me to that wonderful feeling that virtually takes my breath away for a moment. Hence I begin playing it right after Thanksgiving.

I called this little guy “Kris Kringle”. I know that is one of Santa’s aliases but it still seemed to fit perfectly.  Though fairly worn, with his beard glued on in places a few times, he’s still my favorite decoration and will adorn my tree for as long as I’m here to celebrate the holiday.




Merry Christmas!

 Christmases Past     Me, Age 9, and  Kris Sitting in our Christmas Tree.                      Our awesome “fake” fireplace with Kris perched on top.

Merry Christmas!


Kris Kringle 2011